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DBXpress is a faster, more accurate, and more powerful version of DBXtract. It requires that the .NET Framework version 2.0 be installed on the user's computer.
Main features:
- By virtue of a new, more abstract algorithm, DBXpress is more accurate than DBXtract and doesn't require frequent updating, as DBXtract does.
- DBXpress is considerably more than twice as fast as DBXtract.
- DBXpress lets one extract from multiple .dbx or .dbt files with a single click, and allows extracted messages to be segregated by originating folder.
- DBXpress has search capabilities, so one can locate all .dbx and .dbt files on a single hard drive, including hidden files.
- DBXpress can be run via command line invocation to allow for unattended extraction.
- DBXpress can bypass a drive's file system and extract messages directly from the hard drive, enabling extraction of messages from deleted files, or from drives whose partition table has been damaged, or from drives that have been formatted.
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